Novell Buys Netoria for its NDS Expertise

As the battle of directory services gets under way, both Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc. are gearing up by forming numerous partnerships with third-party vendors. In the latest move, Novell announced its acquisition of Netoria Inc., a privately held developer of directory enhancement software.

Netoria's technology extends and enhances the use of Novell Directory Services (NDS) across business networks. The products are aimed at simplifying the use of directory services for end users and providing new value to network administrators.

Jonathan Cohen, a Novell spokesmen, says the human component of the acquisition was as important as the technology.

"We immediately made Netoria’s directory development team part of our staff in Utah," Cohen says. "Over the past couple of years, these guys have focused strictly on enhancing NDS."

Netoria's operations will be integrated into Novell's New Products Initiatives Group. The group is focused on development of new application products and business opportunities that leverage NDS.

"We intend to build on [Netoria’s] expertise in the development of new directory applications that simplify network management," says Stewart Nelson, Novell’s senior vice president, products.

Novell will integrate Netoria products and technology into its product line over the next several months. During the transition period, Netoria will continue to distribute and support its products through existing channels, including products available for download.

"We are in the process of evaluating their product line," Cohen says. "There are opportunities to integrate their products into products and other Z.E.N.-like products in our 1999 road map."

Whether or not Netoria’s products make it into Novell’s product line as stand alone entities, Cohen insists that much of the smaller companies technology will be used.

"It’s conceivable that some of the tools and techniques in Netoria’s products today will be added to the network administration capabilities in NDS," he says.

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