Infoliant Compliance Tracker Reveals Negative Y2K

The latest Delta Report released by Infoliant Corporation, which tracks statistics regarding the Y2K compliance status of over 36,000 hardware and software products, announces that 367 products had their status changed during May. The report revealed that 38 percent of these products underwent a "negative" change with either the disclosure of a previously unknown Y2K issue, or the manufacturer’s decision to cease Y2K support for that product. This continues the trend of the past three months where approximately one-third of all status changes has been "negative" in nature.Another alarming announcement is that the percentage of products that were moved into the "Vendor Will Not Test" category has risen to 15 percent in May, up from 8 percent in April. Also, 1,850 products tracked by the Year 2000 Network Advisor are still in the "Pending Evaluation" category, meaning that the manufacturer has not yet tested these products for Y2K compliance.Also reported by Infoliant, but not included in the May Delta Report, are over 600 updates that are not actual status changes, but rather are revisions to previously released corrective action plans. For example, already requiring corrective action, Microsoft revealed the need for additional patches designed to make Windows 95 fully Y2K-compliant. This information was released to Infoliant’s subscribers through its Compliance Tracker e-mail notification service.In total, Infoliant has tracked nearly 3,000 changes in Y2K compliance status since it began tracking the data in 1997. Two-thirds of these changes were recorded in the past five months (1,973 between January and May 1999).Customers can get the latest Y2K readiness information on over 36,000 products by subscribing to the Year 2000 Network Advisor and the Compliance Tracker notification service on the Web, or by setting up a fully-mirrored version of the Year 2000 Network Advisor on their company’s internal network via Infoliant’s Millennium Direct option, available in either Lotus Notes or Microsoft Access 97 formats.For more information about Infoliant’s Year 2000 Network Advisor, the Compliance Tracker or the Millennium Direct family of products, call (888) 925-5478.

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