Data-warehouse Rescue Service Offers Customers Immediate Value From Their Information Assets

The new service, offered by HP and Tanning Technology Corporation (Denver, Colo.), a leading information-technology services provider focused on the e-business market, is designed to help customers quickly move their data-warehousing projects into production and get rapid return from their information resources. Targeted for customers with projects that are behind schedule, the service focuses on business objectives and improving upon service-level agreements that are not being met.

"Too many data-warehouse projects overrun budgets and schedules, and fail to meet the original business objectives," said Wayne Eckerson, senior consultant, the Patricia Seybold Group. "A data-warehouse rescue service, such as that offered by HP and Tanning, can help companies salvage success from the jaws of defeat."

The data-warehouse rescue service includes a two- to three-week assessment of a customer's project, including an overview and analysis of business and objectives, critical success factors, business constraints, project scope and current IT strategy. The objective of each assessment is to help customers define the business value of their data warehouses, while aligning them with their IT strategy. Results are then presented in a project plan with an architecture and development schedule for immediate deployment of the project into production.

Furthermore, as part of the new service offering, HP and Tanning will also help customers evaluate their current data-warehousing strategy, target the next areas of successful deployment and implement the joint development of a new project plan. HP's industry-leading platforms and business-intelligence solutions, combined with Tanning's ability to successfully deliver data-warehousing solutions, are helping enterprises dramatically mitigate the risks involved in restructuring and implementing a data-warehousing environment, while focusing on rapid deployment and time-to-market delivery.

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