UniComp Adds Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 functionality to UNIBOL400

Looking to broaden the horizons of its Windows NT software tool for the AS/400 market, UniComp Inc. (Marietta, Ga.) announced that its UNIBOL400 for NT now includes support for Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 database management system. UniComp's UNIBOL400 for NT targets AS/400 independent software vendors (ISVs) who wish to take advantage of growing NT server sales by porting their existing AS/400 applications to Windows NT, or develop applications for both AS/400 and Windows NT from a common source code.

According to Stephen A. Hafer, UniComp president and CEO, Gartner Group's Dataquest predicts the overall database management systems (DBMS) market will grow to $10 billion by 2003. "With the latest edition of SQL Server 7.0 support, UNIBOL400 for NT now addresses the two products that control 75 percent of the DBMS market—Oracle and Microsoft," he says.

UNIBOL400 for NT is an application development and execution environment designed to provide duplication of AS/400 features and capabilities on the Windows NT platform. For existing applications, Unibol400 for NT enables enterprises to reengineer their existing AS/400 applications to run on NT servers instead of having to rewrite them.

UniComp is developed and marketed worldwide by UniComp's subsidiary, Unibol. "Support for SQL server implies ISVs utilizing UNIBOL400 for NT can deliver their AS/400 applications running on Windows NT with data management under the full control of SQL Server, the core technology used by thousands of small to medium sized companies," says Dr. Ian Graham, Unibol's managing director.

-- J. Martin

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