IBM Announces AS/400 Promotions, Program Modifications

IBM is announcing a 24-percent discount for customers who acquire both EDMSuite ImagePlus VisualInfo for AS/400 Version 4.3 and EDMSuite OnDemand for AS/400 4.3 or 4.4 at the same time with the same number of users.

Enterprise Document Management Suite (EDMSuite) is designed to provide integrated document management for e-documents throughout an enterprise. ImagePlus VisualInfo for AS/400 (VI/400) is a client/server software product designed to replace paper document processing with image processing for greater efficiency, reliability and security. The VI/400 product provides capabilities to scan, import, storing, secure, index, retrieve and route user-related information. OnDemand is designed to offer users a solution for online document capture, storage and retrieval of computer output.

EDMSuite includes the following components in addition to ImagePlus VisualInfo and OnDemand: ContentConnect for simultaneous access to multiple document repositories; MQSeries Workflow for enterprise process management; and Lotus Domino.Doc for collaborative, distributed document management.

According to IBM, the promotion is valid as long as the order is placed on or before December 3, 1999. The date of installation must occur on or after July 13, 1999, but no later than December 31, 1999.

IBM has also announced modifications to both its AS/400 No-Charge Removal Offering and its AS/400 Trade-In Program.

The No-Charge Removal Offering states that, according to IBM, when users acquire an eligible AS/400e 9406 Model 7xx, 9401 Model 150 or 9406 Model 170 replacement machine, "IBM will provide pickup and proper disposal of an eligible replaced AS/400 at no charge." Effective since July 6, 9406 Models 6xx and Sxx have been removed from the eligible replacement list.

Similarly, AS/400e 9406 Models 6xx and Sxx have been removed from the list of eligible replacements in the Trade-In Program, which enables users to receive credit by trading in a designated installed AS/400, S/36 or S/38 Model 538x, DEC, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard or Unisys system and acquiring a new eligible AS/400 9406 Model 170 or 7xx replacement machine.

--L. Greenemeier

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