A Judge’s Injunction Forced HP To Change Array’s Moniker

Bowing to a recent trademark infringement injunction granted EMC that prohibits HP from using the letters E, M and C in its products jointly-developed with Hitachi, HP announced that it has re-numbered its new high-end disk array, now referred to as the HP SureStore E Disk Array XP256.

HP says it selected "XP" to designate "extended platforms" and will use this new designation to number its HP SureStore E high-end array enterprise storage product family. To reinforce its multiplatform capability, HP also announced that the XP256 now supports Linux, Netware, Sequent Dynix and SGI IRIX. This is in addition to the support for AIX, HP-UX, MPE, NT, Solaris, S/390, Tru64 Unix and other platforms.

"Unlike solutions from some companies, the only single point of failure in HP's solution didn't appear to be in the product itself -- it was in the model number. We changed it," said David Scott, worldwide marketing manager for HP's Enterprise Storage Business Unit. "It was never our intention to confuse customers with the intended 'Multi-Connect' designation of 'MC' in our product numbering. Customers can be confident that HP does not anticipate any interruption in manufacturing or the shipment of products, and we’ll continue to ship the highest-quality enterprise storage solutions and meet customers' … expectations."

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