Data Interface Systems Adopts New Name: ICOM Informatics

Data Interface Systems Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICOM Informatique, has adopted the trade name ICOM Informatics. Concurrent with the name change, the company has announced the immediate availability of e-Business Suite, the company’s new comprehensive mainframe connectivity package that offers secure access to mission-critical business systems regardless of the platform or network environment. This Suite includes the new Winpass TNserver, a high-performance gateway capable of connecting thousands of Windows users to IBM mainframes."Our new name better reflects the worldwide strength upon which we can now draw," said Albert C. Lowenstein, General Manager of ICOM Informatics (and founder of Data Interface in 1977). "The LAN-to-host technologies we developed as Data Interface blend nicely with those of ICOM Informatique."For more information on ICOM Informatics, visit

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