DataMirror Adds New Component to Transformation Server Family

Looking to promote simplicity and accommodate a single point of data integration, DataMirror Corp. (Toronto) has announced Enterprise Administrator for Transformation Server, its cross-platform data integration product. Enterprise Administrator will be integrated into the Transformation Server product for all platforms, including AS/400.

Featuring a Java-powered graphical interface to enable platform independence, Enterprise Administrator is designed to allow users to manage enterprise data integration across all major database systems from a single location. "Customer demand and our desire to meet a need that we felt was not being met by any of the solutions in the marketplace led to our decision to develop Enterprise Administrator," says Brett Calder, senior product manager for DataMirror.

Via a single unified administration point, Enterprise Administrator eliminates redundancy in configuring multiple systems by querying agents about their capabilities and characteristics. Users can set up tables on various servers for integration, specify movement parameters and initiate either full refresh, periodic net-change replication or real-time data mirroring.

Enterprise Administrator will be integrated into all of the Transformation Server-supported servers, and will be available for the AS/400 by the end of September, when version 4.2 is released. Enterprise Administrator will not be backward compatible with previous versions of Transformation Server.

"The AS/400 customers we've previewed it to cannot wait to get it," Calder says. "It will simplify their lives by making administration of data movement across an organization a whole lot smoother."

-- J. Martin

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