EnterpriseLink Releases Clustering Option to Enhance e-Business

Focusing on the continued growth of e-business, EnterpriseLink Technology Corp. (Campbell, Calif.) announces the SmartTran eBusiness Cluster Pack option, designed to enable 24x7 application availability with non-hierarchical clustering and guarantee no single point of failure.

“The Internet is now a mission-critical application for companies,” says Jeff Dunn, president and CEO of EnterpriseLink. “Companies need to have 24x7 availability while also being able to support a large number of customers, and that’s what we’re doing with this solution.”

The eBusiness Cluster Pack also provides scalability for a large number of users. "We’re able to scale the application to 50,000 users,” Dunn says. “CEOs don’t know how many users are going to want to access their data, so this gives them security.”

The cluster packs is designed to recognize which data is flowing through the servers as well as the number of users. If a server in the cluster begins to experience problems, traffic will be re-directed to the other servers. During the downtime, any new user requests are automatically redirected away from the failed server.

The eBusiness Cluster Pack option is built on SmartTran’s non-hierarchical architecture, which allows clustered servers to be deployed, managed, configured and monitored. “Companies are thinking of the Internet in two ways," Dunn says. “How do we harness the power of the Web to stay competitive, and how do we install an infrastructure that allows us to change as the Internet and the market changes? Our architecture allows us to offer customer a fail-safe, secure and scalable solution.”

--J. Martin

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