SevenMountains To Bring Thin-Client Suite to Range of IBM Platforms

SevenMountains Software announced it has received IBM's blessing to proceed with the development, porting and marketing of SevenMountains' TaskForce Java desktop environment and application framework across a number of IBM server platforms, including the AS/400.

A member of IBM's Partners in Development program, SevenMountains is in the early stages of porting its systems to IBM's hardware platforms, as well as engaging in a number of co-marketing activities to leverage its software among IBM's existing customer install base, according to Arne Wilhelmsen, VP of SevenMountains Software (San Mateo, Calif.).

By the middle of the fourth quarter of this year, TaskForce will be optimized to support IBM's AS/400, S/390 and RS/6000 server platforms and database software, including DB2 Universal Database, 3270 and 5250 emulation, CICS and connectivity to MQSeries, according to Wilhelmsen.

"We have started the work and are preparing for all the technical issues related to the port, and the final product will be available sometime in the November timeframe," Wilhelmsen says.

TaskForce is a thin-client enterprise desktop and groupware suite written in Java designed to provide a suite of intranet/extranet productivity solutions that can be accessed by any Java-enabled client. The solution uses IBM's WebSphere Application Server to provide scalability over distributed servers with failover mechanisms.

--L. Greenemeier

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