Candle Joins Enterprise Integration Council

Candle Corporation announced that it has joined the Enterprise Integration Council (EIC), a not-for-profit association, founded to foster the maturity of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) industry. EIC provides an open discussion forum for vendors, system integrators, and corporate end users to discuss EAI issues.

Announced hard on the heels of its decision to join the Open Applications Group, Inc. (OAGI), a leading EAI standards body, Candle’s membership in EIC underscores its commitment to inclusive consensus building across the industry and educating corporate IT on EAI. Candle’s big-picture goal is to enhance the business value of EAI. In Candle’s vision, EAI is far more than Middleware. Candle’s Roma plays a critical enabling role in allowing businesses to rapidly adjust their operations to enhance business competitiveness.

A key member of the Open Applications Group, Inc. (OAGI) standards alliance, Candle holds a leadership position in advanced EAI technologies, offering the only proven solution designed to address three different kinds of EAI challenges -- including message broker-, component and process-based EAI. Besides integrating and managing these upper layers of the EAI infrastructure, Roma BSP already provides a common API for integrating across different brands of Message Oriented Middleware (MOM). At this level, products, such as IBM MQSeries and Microsoft MSMQ, are commonly used for the transport and queuing of messages -- in which case, Roma provides transport independence by enabling users to write their applications only to the Roma API without having to worry about the underlying transport mechanism.

"EIC and EAI are based on the same principles -- translation, communication and providing business value," says Steve Craggs, Vice President, Enterprise Application Integration, Candle Corporation. "We look forward to working within EIC framework to increase market understanding and build consensus -- critical steps in advancing EAI’s maturity and business value."

"The EIC is very pleased to have Candle join us," says David McGoveran, founder and chairman of the EIC "We are looking forward to significant leadership and contributions from Candle in furthering the EIC’s goals."

Although the EIC’s goal does not include reaching agreement on any single standard, it will act as a conduit for vendors, solution integrators and corporate end users to better understand the business value proposition of EAI, and establish a more consistent EAI framework which would include:

* Consistent use of terminology/definitions to describe EAI technologies across the industry

* Establishing general methodologies

* Influencing standards

For more information about the Enterprise Integration Council, visit their Web site at, or call David McGoveran, EIC founder and chairman at (831) 338-4621 or JP Morgenthal, EIC vice-chairman and Chief Architect at (516) 792-0997.

For more information on Candle Corporation and its Roma family, visit, or call (800) 843-3970.

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