Wall Data Announces Version 3.0 of RUMBA 2000 Web-to-host

Focusing on the growing demand for versatile, scalable Web-to-host access solutions, Wall Data Inc. (Kirkland, Wash.) announces RUMBA 2000, Web-to-Host Version 3.0. Scheduled for availability on August 9 of this year, Version 3.0 is expected to provide RUMBA 2000 users with enhanced file transfer and application development functionality.

Among Version 3.0's new product features are: a drag-and-drop File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client; a lightweight ActiveX client (300KB); AS/400 Java display capability; Application Programming Interface (API) support for existing legacy applications (HLLAPI); user macros; native keyboard support for Java; and Euro currency compliance.

Support for a number of standard APIs is designed to provide users with browser-based access to 16-bit or 32-bit HLLAPI-based applications without the need for re-coding. For custom applications development, Version 3.0 provides ActiveX and JavaBeans development architectures and centralized software development.

Available for the AS/400, S/390, Hewlett-Packard, Unix and DEC VAX platforms, RUMBA 2000 Web-to-Host Version 3.0 is a component of the RUMBA Office 2000 Web edition, a product suite for IT shops that require tradition, fat-client host access today but plan to migrate to browser-based host access in the future.

Wall Data has created RUMBA 2000 Web-to-Host for use primarily in the creation of corporate intranets, rather than for the development of extranet or Internet sites. This strategy is consistent with findings from International Data Corp. (Framingham, Mass.), whose May 1999 study of the worldwide Web-to-host market indicates the majority of Web-to-host implementations (69 percent) fall into the category of intranet, rather than Internet (four percent) or extranet (27 percent).

The suggested retail price for RUMBA 2000, Web-to-Host V3.0 is $150 per seat.

-- J. Martin

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