IBM Upgrades AS/400 OV to Notes Migration Tools

In an effort to further facilitate the transition from the OfficeVision world of the past to the Domino-dominated vision of the future, IBM has announced the latest version of migration tools designed to cut the simplest path to e-business-enabled enterprise messaging.

OfficeVision to Lotus Notes Migration Tools for AS/400 Version 2.2 is expected to help move OV users to Lotus Notes, so they can take advantage of the e-business solutions available for Domino. The Migration Tools enable network administrators to move OV/400 their users' mail, calendar and document management into the realm of Lotus Notes.

Version 2.2 offers the following enhancements over Version 2: support for Domino R5; improved integration with Directory Synchronization; time conversions for OV/400 and Notes users who reside in different time zones; method to set the AS/400 system priority at which the LCCOV/400 jobs run each time it is started; additional flexibility for international customers; and an enhanced version of BlueNotes Data Warehouse (BNDW) for AS/400.

This latest version of the OV-to-Notes product requires OV/400, Lotus Domino Server (Release 4.64, 4.65 or 5.01) and TCP/IP connectivity between the two. As with the previous version, 2.2 includes BNDW for AS/400 at a special price as an optional feature of the Migration Tools.

--L. Greenemeier

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