September/October New Products

AVT CommercePath 2.5

AVT CommercePath Software Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of AVT Corporation, has released CommercePath 2.5, the latest version of its Year 2000-compliant, Windows NT-based fax server. Through its Web-based Tracking Monitor application, CommercePath 2.5 offers enhanced administration features and individual user fax monitoring. Back-ended by Microsoft’s newly released version 7.0 of its SQL Server database, CommercePath 2.5 offers corporate organizations greater high-volume fax capabilities.

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The SAP Service Provider Solution

SAP AG’s SAP Service Provider integrates SAP R/3 back-office business processes with front-office, revenue-generating activities, such as billing, task management, time management and activity reporting. The SAP Service Provider solution addresses the challenges of service provider companies – planning for, tracking, billing and reporting on the services provided by their human resources departments. The service provider industry comprises professional services organizations, such as management consulting and auditing firms and advertising agencies, personnel management firms, outsourcers, and research and development businesses.

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interBiz’s Management Solutions

The interBiz Supply Chain Group, a business unit of Computer Associates International Inc. announced the availability of Quick Response Engine 2.1 and ProAction 1.0, a scheduling solution and a workflow automation tool, respectively. Quick Response Engine is a Microsoft Windows client-based, object-oriented, advanced scheduling tool.

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Datametrics’ ViewPoint

Datametrics Systems Corporation’s ViewPoint performance data collector for HP-UX 11 systems adds support for both 32-bit and 64-bit computing environments. HP-UX 11 is Hewlett Packard’s complete 64-bit operating environment that delivers greater scalability and performance for demanding, mission-critical applications that require the highest possible uptime. Pricing starts at $4,500, depending on the system configuration. ViewPoint also supports Compaq OpenVMS, Unisys Corporation 2200, A Series and ClearPath, Windows NT and other UNIX platforms.

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Optum’s Supply Chain Software

Optum Inc.’s Optum SCE Series is a new software suite that enables companies to optimize, manage and execute supply chain actions. Optum SCE Series provides an e-business fulfillment engine to manage high-velocity order volumes and deliver personalized products and tailored logistics services to customers anywhere in the world. Optum SCE Series adds the critical dimension of point-of-execution capabilities to help optimize product distribution hour-by-hour across the enterprise.

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BMC’s XBM Enterprise

BMC Software’s XBM Enterprise Snapshot product provides increased automation, availability and reliability of mission-critical data located in DB2, IMS, CICS and VSAM databases. XBM Enterprise Snapshot enables other BMC Software utilities to take advantage of "point-in-time" copies of data provided by the leading storage device vendors. This allows BMC Software’s utilities to perform processing in parallel with regular production workloads, resulting in greater availability of applications.

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BEA WebLogic Server 4.5

BEA Systems Inc.’s WebLogic Server 4.5 features implementations of Sun Microsystems’ Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform standard. The J2EE platform ensures that the standard enterprise Java technology services automatically work together. Now, developers can purchase off-the-shelf messaging services components implemented with the Java Messaging Service (JMS) standard, along with off-the-shelf e-commerce business components based on Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and JavaServer Pages (JSP) technologies, and know that these components will all work together.

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CA-Visual Objects 2.5

Computer Associates (CA) International Inc.’s CA-Visual Objects 2.5 offers complete client-side integration with Jasmine, providing native object support and the ability to use Jasmine data and logic in CA-Visual Objects applications. CA-Visual Objects applications can take advantage of Jasmine’s ability to efficiently store complex data, such as video, audio, animation and virtual reality to create high-performance applications.

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QAD Delivers E-Business Applications

QAD’s MFG/PRO version 9.0 enterprise software features next level architecture, a Net User Interface (UI) that is 100 percent Java and a set of e-business applications available for use on both the Internet and intranets. QAD/Connects is the name used to describe the new architecture available with QAD 9.0 software, which offers flexible connectivity between itself and the four major entities it interfaces with: users, information sources, other applications and e-business. The new e-business facet of the solution makes available sales force automation and Internet-enabled consumer and trading partner transactions with e-commerce.

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B&L Associate’s Vertices

B&L Associates Inc.’s Vertices is a comprehensive, enterprisewide media management system, which now runs with Microsoft SQL Server version 7.0. This enables Vertices to leverage the features and capabilities offered by the latest version of Microsoft’s Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Vertices, a Windows NT software package, applies sophisticated enterprisewide media management to help control the mountains of removable physical media generated by today’s systems.

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