Amdahl’s Server Consolidation Services Accommodate Business Growth

Amdahl Global Solutions, a division of Amdahl Corporation, today announced the availability of its Server Consolidation Service. This service is a key component of the Enterprise Integration Practice and is based on industry-proven methodologies. As a result, Amdahl's Server Consolidation Service enables customers to gain more effective centralized management, improved reliability, availability and serviceability, (RAS) levels and reduced IT costs.

"Amdahl brings to the table a wealth of experience working with the E10000 platform and many of our high-profile data center customers," says Cathy Guthrie, Market Development Manager for the Data Center and High Performance Computing Group at Sun. "We have great faith in Amdahl's ability to assess, architect, implement, deploy and service IT systems, most notably those systems residing in high-availability, networked environments where downtime is measured in dollars lost." As a strategic Commercial System Integrator ally of Sun Microsystems Inc. specializing in server consolidations, Amdahl is certified by Sun globally to do data center E10000 installations and service.

The Server Consolidation Service provides options for a physical, rational or logical consolidation and emphasizes a "risk management" process that results in improved overall workload processing and operational efficiencies, as well as a reduction in overall business resources consumed. Amdahl provides consultants, program management and technical expertise to help businesses consolidate their server infrastructure and workload to move to a new, simpler IT environment that is easier to manage.

"Amdahl has extensive experience with complex consolidations, data center relocations and workload migration projects," says Mary Shannon, Manager, Server Consolidation Service at Amdahl Global Solutions. "Our Server Consolidation Service provides customers with a customized, vendor-neutral technology and management solution that fully accounts for each customer's unique business and IT requirements. As a result, customers benefit by gaining a cost-effective IT infrastructure with the capabilities and flexibility to meet business growth and change."

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