HP OpenView Observer Examines The Scene

As part of its aggressive E-services strategy, HP added OpenView Observer to its network management portfolio. According to HP executives, OpenView Observer "introducesa new solutionj for optimizing a Web user's experience. β€œIn an internal IT infrastructure, you knew how many customers you needed to service, but when you look at customers coming to your Web site, you actually have no idea how many are coming. So, you need to plan and manage the environment with that in mind,” says Maureen HP OpenView E-Services Business Manager.

"Observer is a plug-in [into the OpenView management framework] that can be extended into enterprise management," says John Peters, marketing manager for HP OpenView application and network management products. "It's a self contained solution, that measures keyboard-to-eyeball measures," he explains. "And it also captures failures and aborts [for transactions. So, it allows the IT manager to define business transaction activity for things like sales order transaction, for example." IT manaagers can use url's for tracking and then use ActiveServer pages, says Peters. "It used to that you had a personal rapport with your customers,” says Mellon. She points out that marketing, selling, fulfilling [demand] and support all converge when conducting business over the Internet. And it's hard for some companies to grap that, "they are so functionally oriented," observes Mellon. "Now you need to improve your "digital rapport." Pricing for OpenView Observers has not yet bee determined. However, OpenView Observer is expected to be available in October.

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