Now That's A Switch: HP Bests Cabletron

According to a report by research firm, Dell’Oro Group (Portola Valley, Calif.), HP ProCurve Layer 2 Ethernet modular 10/100 switch ports captured 12.8 percent of the market (based on ports shipped) in the second calendar quarter of 1999. That's good for the number two spot -- just ahead of Cabletron. In less than a year, HP came from the fourth position in the 10/100 Layer 2 switching segment growing 1,553%.

Dell’Oro predicts that the overall Layer 2 10/100 Ethernetswitching segment will continue to be the fastest growingsegment of the market, an estimated $6.6 billion business in 1999 of the $10.2 billion market and 64 percent of theEthernet LAN market. Modular 10/100 switches, an estimated $4 billion in annual revenue, make up the bulk of that segment.

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