Create!print Brings PDF Output to OneWorld

Banking on the belief that the struggling enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market will take off once the new millennium begins, Create!print International (Cambridge, Mass.) announced Create!print for JDE OneWorld. This new e-form solution fully integrates forms directly into J.D. Edwards' (Denver) OneWorld files running on AS/400, Unix and Windows NT (Intel and Alpha) platforms.

While admitting the ERP market is still experiencing tough times, Julia Miller, marketing director of Create!print says she expects the market to dramatically improve in the near future. "A lot of customers are planning on getting new ERP products after their Y2K projects are complete," she says. "We developed this with an eye towards the future. [J.D. Edwards is] the number one AS/400 ERP solution, so we see this as a great opportunity."

Although there are other solutions with e-form capabilities for OneWorld, Miller says Create!print for JDE OneWorld is unique because it is the only product that has a solution for PDF output. "When you convert PDF files, you're taking it out of the workflow system and that way you lose workflow functionality," Miller says. "By keeping our product integrated, we're keeping it in the workflow system."

Create!print folds directly into the OneWorld output process and provides complete integration with OneWorld's workflow and drill-down functions. OneWorld provides built-in facilities for defining, creating, viewing, printing and archiving output. Create!print takes advantage of OneWorld's architecture by combining the strengths of the PDF format with alteration and high quality e-forms. Users can take any PDF output without alteration and electronically replace the image layer to provide an e-form with the same high quality of a pre-printed form. "J.D. Edwards customers wanted a solution that took full advantage of OneWorld's output functionality," Miller adds.

Create!print automatically places the updated PDF file back into the original file and location in the OneWorld workflow system, allowing easy access to the completed form with native OneWorld tools. "Create!print software harnesses the power of the native PDF output from OneWorld and provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution for our customers," says Mike O'Meara, director of technical sales support for J.D. Edwards.

Although it prints to any Windows compatible printer, Create!print gets the best performance using PostScript. "People implementing ERP don't want to go to line printers, they want to go to laser printers," Miller says. "It improves their print document dynamically."

Create!print for JDE is compatible with J.D. Edwards' One World versions B7.3.2.2 and newer.

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