Pioneer Software Development changes to CrossWorks, Inc.

Looking to reflect its decision to move beyond consulting and hardware support to providing tools to help businesses become platform independent, Pioneer Software Development recently announced that it has officially changed its name to CrossWorks, Inc. (Minneapolis).

Now, CrossWorks will focus on developing and marketing software compilers and development tools that allow software applications written specifically for IBM midrange systems, including the AS/400, to run without modification on Windows NT and Unix systems platforms.

“This is a company with new management, a strong vision and a proven direction,” says Gary L. Deaner, president and CEO of CrossWorks, Inc. “In just a short time, we have mad tremendous progress in establishing CrossWorks as the leader in providing software compilers and development tools for IBM midrange systems application developers. Changing the name of a company is an arduous task, but we think it will be well worth the hard work. We believe that CrossWorks will better reflect what we do and how we do it.”<>

Pioneer Software Development was formed in 1996 to take advantage of the market for migration products and services for RPG programming language applications written specifically for IBM midrange systems. In its new direction, CrossWorks will be providing the applications and tools for software developers on all operating systems to utilize industry-leading products to improve business.

“Businesses are using a lot of software applications that have been out there for a long time,” says John A. Moroz, VP of sales and marketing. “If all these older software applications didn’t need any updating or upgrading, we wouldn’t be talking about any Y2K problem today. It is all this business software, which is really built layer upon layer of updates and files, that CrossWorks intends to target with a host of tools and products to allow businesses to extend their software boundaries.”

-- J. Martin

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