Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. releases SCORE 5.4

Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. (Buffalo, N.Y.), a company which specializes in replenishment software and inventory management services, recently announced that version 5.4 of its SCORE product suite has begun shipping.

SCORE, which operates on the AS/400, is designed to increase asset performance and business profits by managing inventories across multiple stocking locations.

“Our customers and prospects continue to present scenarios that, if solved, can add a tremendous level of benefit to their use of the SCORE package,” says David A. Flood, director of sales and marketing for Supply Chain Solutions. “We have been spending a lot of time listening to their suggestions and adding additional innovative features to SCORE that solve their inventory management challenges.”

One of the new features in SCORE is allocation of constrained supply, particularly useful for VMI customers. When supply is limited, this feature permits SCORE to allocate the supply to a stocking location so that the highest priorities are met in the fulfillment of the inventory needs. Another new feature, valuable to both VMI and Store-Level customers, is a returns module. This module applies economic guidelines to the process of suggesting a return order.

The SCORE family of products includes: SCORE Vendor Management Inventory (VMI), SCORE Distribution Replenishment, SCORE Store-Level Replenishment, SCORE Service Bureau, SCORE Foresight, and Xceleration Framework.

-- J. Martin

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