J.D. Edwards Adds to OneWorld and WorldSoftware Capabilities

By Jim Martin

Continuing to add components to its ERP solutions, J.D. Edwards & Co. (Denver) recently announced a technology alliance with Open Text (Waterloo, Ontario) that will allow J.D. Edwards OneWorld and WorldSoftware customers to integrate with Livelink using Livelink Enterprise Activator.

A knowledge management application for intranets and extranets, Livelink will enable J.D. Edwards’ customers to integrate unstructured knowledge and external information into core business processes. This will provide users with access to important enterprise information, enabling them to make fast and accurate decisions.

The Livelink Enterprise Accelerator will search and retrieve information directly from OneWorld and WorldSoftware systems, allowing customers to catalog and retrieve unstructured information types that are not usually available within enterprise business software.

“To remain competitive in today’s market, companies must always be innovative,” says Fred Studer, director of product marketing at J.D. Edwards. “Through our alliance with Open Text, we’re providing our customers with the ability to leverage employee knowledge and more efficiently share enterprise information and ultimately empower employees to put their ideas into action.”

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