ALLTEL Extends VIRTUOSO Capabilities

By Jim Martin

Expanding the market for its customer-care and billing software solution, ALLTEL (Atlanta) has announced that Virtuoso now supports the provisioning and billing of multiple telecommunications services. Along with this support, Virtuoso has also automated measures to ensure data accuracy.

“The latest version of Virtuoso prevents mismatching one type of service with inappropriate service plans, promotions, features, equipment and one-time changes,” says Roger Leitner, president of ALLTEL’s telecommunications services business unit. “Based on a carrier’s table entries, Virtuoso will prevent data errors such as putting a digital rate plan on an analog phone or selling phone features, such as voice mail, to a customer with paging service.”

The Virtuoso software suite contains both a client/server and AS/400-based solution. Virtuoso enables carriers to choose from one of six system-defined service types, such as digital wireless or customized service types. For each service type, the carrier must specify whether the unit is specified by electronic serial number, capcode or format.

“The latest Y2K compliant Virtuoso release gives our clients value in two ways,” says Leitner. “It sets the stage for generating one bill that integrates all of the services provided by the carrier; and it enables carriers to define service types and monitor the selling of those types at a customer level.”

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