BMC Launches Recovery & Storage Management Business Unit

BMC Software introduced the Recovery and Storage Management business unit to deliver unique enterprise solutions to help customers maximize business continuity. This unit was formed to help customers manage the explosion of data and e-business along with emerging technologies such as Storage Area Networks (SANs) and intelligent storage. The Recovery and Storage Management business unit is led by Vic Mahadevan, Vice President and General Manager of Recovery and Storage Management, who joined BMC Software in September 1998.

Increasing reliance on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and the rise of e-business have accentuated the need for instant recovery while eliminating the window for backup, restore and storage management functions. BMC Software’s recovery and storage management solutions help ensure business continuity through automated, rapid recovery and fail-safe storage management of business-critical applications and data. These solutions minimize downtime by recovering all elements necessary to get an application back online in the shortest time possible while also ensuring that the storage platforms where the data is housed have adequate capacity, are available and are performing at optimum levels.

"We have formed the Recovery and Storage Management Business Unit to increase our ability to respond to the rapid changes caused by electronic commerce and new storage networking technologies. We have gathered together a team of experts who are creating storage and recovery solutions that support BMC Software’s application service assurance strategy," said Mahadevan. "While many of our initiatives involve groundbreaking technology and market expansions, we enter this market with a strong existing solution set delivering significant revenues to BMC Software."

Rapidly changing IT environments and competitive business climates demand a comprehensive, integrated approach for managing recovery and storage. In order to simplify the purchase of these solutions, all recovery and storage management products will now be marketed and sold under the RESOLVE brand. RESOLVE by BMC Software delivers storage management and application recovery through this family of products that includes SQL-BackTrack and SpaceView, along with traditional recovery solutions and support for intelligent storage architectures. In a separate announcement today, the company formally announced its new branding structure.

The rapid growth of storage has led to a tremendous need for storage management that spans heterogeneous environments. BMC Software is aligning the storage management product portfolios of recently acquired Boole & Babbage and New Dimension to deliver the most comprehensive storage management solutions available on the market.

In addition, new Storage Area Network (SAN) initiatives will leverage intelligent storage technology unique to BMC Software to introduce dynamic SAN management tools in the year 2000.

"Our goal is to manage all storage from a single GUI console regardless of the platform to which the storage is attached and to automate as much of the process as possible," said Daryl Molitor, Storage Technologies manager for JCPenney Co., Inc. "It appears with the RESOLVE suite of products offered by BMC, we will not only be able to accomplish this, but will be able to manage our planned Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure as well."

The RESOLVE for Recovery Management product suites make it possible to automatically and quickly resume business processes in UNIX, NT, and OS/390 environments, by reinstating all necessary software resources to a specified point in time including database tables, database logs, data files and program files.

Applying the strength of its mainframe heritage to the enterprise, BMC Software provides coordinated recovery for DB2, IMS, VSAM, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server database environments. As already delivered for SAP R3, these solutions are being expanded to move beyond database recovery to recover all elements associated with ERP, GroupWare, e-business, and other applications.

"Duke Energy selected the BMC recovery tools for their guaranteed data integrity, point-in-time recoverability, proactive automation functionality and integration with other products," said Bob Matsey, Manager, Data Delivery for Duke Energy. "This provides our organization with the ability to meet the company’s 24x7 requirements quickly and in a very automated and error-free process. It also provides the ability to proactively define application recovery groups for Disaster Recovery processes prior to system failure."

"Our recovery and storage management solutions are an incredible asset to customers in an e-business environment because they provide cross-platform support of high-availability, back-end data servers," said Mahadevan. "In an e-business environment, 24x365 availability and performance are essential. When a customer’s Web site is down they pay an astronomical price in lost revenues and in reduced market capitalization. Our solutions minimize downtime by automating rapid recovery of applications and systems data while eliminating backup outages."

Relationships with leading software and hardware vendors including IBM, Veritas, Legato, EMC, StorageTek and Hitachi extend the reach of the BMC Software technologies to deliver more comprehensive solutions to our common customers.

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