S/390 Customers Grow Their E-Businesses

IBM’s newest OS/390 release features significant enhancements to help enterprise server customers meet the need for greater integration, availability and security brought on by e-business growth.

OS/390 Version 2 Release 8 delivers enhancements in security, connectivity and systems management to help customers meet the requirements of e-transaction processing. Its security and systems management features include the ability to dynamically manage virtual private network (VPN) encryption keys through the Internet Key Exchange (IKE), enhanced management and administration of digital certificates used by both server applications and end users, higher availability of TCP/IP in an S/390 parallel sysplex clustering environment and the capability to print from enterprise resource planning and Internet-related applications.

IBM has established an OS/390 e-business integration test team to continue to fine-tune OS/390 as the premiere e-business platform and to help ensure that customers can successfully implement e-transaction processing with OS/390 and related products. The test team simulates realistic production, focusing on real-world enterprise tasks. This testing validates the interactions of the various e-business products and solutions working together as part of the S/390 platform, which is capable of simultaneously running multiple and varied workloads. These integration tests may include Web-page serving with dynamic content and Web application serving, as well as e-commerce and mission-critical operations, with a special focus on security.

Available next year, OS/390 2.9 plans to include further enhancements to native file and print serving for Windows clients, text search support for XML documents and unicode and additional UNIX System Services function.

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