MAPICS Announces Availability of MAPICS XA 5.5

By Jim Martin

Extending the ERP capabilities to include advanced planning and mapping, workflow and advanced reporting functionality, MAPICS, Inc. (Atlanta) has announced the availability of MAPICS XA 5.5.

With the addition of these applications, MAPICS XA 5.5 expands ERP functionality beyond the four walls of the enterprise while giving users the ability to quickly respond to customer demand and increase effective internal and external communication.

Some of the new features and enhancements in version 5.5 include: MAPICS XA Wisdom--an advanced planning and scheduling solution that gives suppliers advanced supply chain planning functionality; MAPICS XA Workflow—-an object-oriented tool that enables users to manage and control tracking progress through their internal processes; MAPICS Integrator—-provides a quick and efficient way for the MAPICS client architecture to extend beyond its own database; JacanaForms/ValetMiner—-two advanced electronic data management applications.

“The landscape of the manufacturer is changing,” says Dick Cook, CEO and president of MAPICS. “No longer do manufacturers work in a vacuum, but rather share information within and outside the enterprise. With MAPICS XA 5.5, we provide a complete solution to ensure no MAPICS customers lack the resources to stay competitive in this changing market. As we watch our customers evolve and adopt new technologies, MAPICS is committed to delivering solutions that meet each phase of the customer’s growth.”

The MAPICS XA family of products consists of more than 40 modules. The native AS/400 application is divided into six business areas: Financial Management, Demand Management, Engineering Management, Operations Management, Resource Planning and Business Management.

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