UNIBOL400 Endorsed by Microsoft for AS/400 Database Migration

By Jim Martin

Business solution provider UniComp, Inc. (Marietta, Ga.) has announced that Microsoft has endorsed UNIBOL400 for NT as a database migration tool.

An advanced software product suite designed to reengineer AS/400 applications, UNIBOL400 enables AS/400 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and end-users to port their applications and data to Windows NT servers running Microsoft’s SQL Server 7.0.

UNIBOL400 reengineers RPG or COBOL applications into native Windows NT solutions, which are then fully integrated with SQL Server 7 using its Database Connect Interface.

“Dataquest has predicted the overall database management systems (DBMS) market would grow to $10 billion by 2003,” says UniComp president and CEO Stephen A. Hafer. “IBM AS/400 ISVs who wish to establish a presence and quickly take advantage of this burgeoning NT server market must aggressively develop new applications for the NT from the ground up. This process is not costly but entails massive amounts of time and lengthy testing cycles and potential revenue loss. UNIBOL400 provides these ISVs the vehicle to reuse their proven applications for marketing to the NT server market quickly by providing a smooth, controlled, low risk transition to the future.”

UNIBOL400 is developed and marketed worldwide by UniComp’s subsidiary, Unibol.

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