Quick & Easy GUIs to be Standard on CrossWorks Development Tools

By Ken Deats

CrossWorks Inc., a Minneapolis-based developer of software compilers and development tools, has announced that it will include an automatic GUI called the Quick & Easy GUI in the Cross400 compiler and development tool suite. In addition to migrating the users’ RPG application to either a Windows NT or Unix platform, it will now automatically give the application a Windows-like look and feel with no modification to the underlying code.

For traditional RPG green-screen applications, it will automatically read the application DDS specs at run-time and transform them into a graphical interface. For users’ who want to go beyond what is capable within DDS and/or RPG, the new Menu Builder utility allows them to graphically re-design their menus by creating a short script file.

“Most green-screen users would like to have a Windows-like look and feel to their application and this new feature will provide that for them with the context of a complete rehosting solution,” says Gary Deaner, president and CEO of CrossWorks.

“With a few hours of work, you can have a screen that goes from green-screen to a Windows-Outlook type GUI,” adds David Schindler, VP of business development at CrossWorks. “There’s no need to spend a lot of time creating new front-ends, as the Menu Builder and Quick & Easy components of Cross400 allow you to easily accomplish that task.”

CrossWorks’ products are available from its direct sales force, strategic sales partners and an international network of resellers. They can be reached at (612) 938-8130 or at their Web site.

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