HP introduced the L-class series of servers a several new UNIX System Solutions an entry-level UNIX system solutions strategy (with the introduction of the HP 9000 L-Class server line); an innovative architecture server design with pre-integrated Internet technologies, such as E-speak, high availability and built-in system-management capabilities; a strategic alliance with Nokia to develop business-critical wireless Internet solutions based on HP's UNIX system platforms and operating environment, and the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP); end-to-end entry-level solutions for e-commerce, ERP, Internet infrastructure and extended supply-chain applications with key partners, including Ariba, BEA, BroadVision, Oracle® and SAP. HP is bringing its high-end, mission-critical technology and leading price/performance to the entry-level market. The HP 9000 L-Class L1000 (one- to two-way) and L2000 (one- to four-way) server architectures deliver built-in availability, flexible Internet manageability, no trade-off scalability and a secure investment-protection solution. These mission-critical features of the L-Class, coupled with pre-integrated Internet technologies and focused market solutions, enable customers to implement emerging e-services across the Internet. L-Class servers are ideal for implementations in a wide range of environments that require stable, secure and robust platforms for Internet commerce. "HP is driving a revolution and bringing businesses to the Web faster than the competition with solutions that offer simplified management and speedy deployment," said Janice Chaffin, vice president and general manager of HP's Business Critical Computing Business Unit. "Our L-Class servers are the answer for Internet-age computing, where our customers demand solutions that enable them to focus on running their businesses without worrying about their servers." Smart Technology -- Putting the Internet to WorkNo other entry-level UNIX system solution compares to the HP 9000 L-Class with its combination of mission-critical, Internet-optimized features. These servers are engineered to drive the e-services model and provide the following technologies: Leadership Internet performance in the four-way UNIX system server market, with 15,206 SPECweb96 and the best UNIX system result on the SPECjvm98 benchmark at 41.6. The L-Class's Web performance leads Sun's E450 by nearly 70 percent and leads IBM's H70 by nearly 30 percent. This advantage, coupled with an Internet-age form factor, enables HP to deliver performance levels in a single, standard 19-inch rack, comparable to two racks of the H70 and three racks of the E450; Internet-enabled HP-UX1 11: - first platforms to offer APIs for E-speak, HP's dynamic brokering language for e-services, with WebQoS peak usage and management, making application services and Internet Quality of Service immediately available "out of the box"; and - Internet-enabling features, including Web performance optimization, end-to-end security and choice of Web server; Unparalleled Internet manageability with HP's secure Web console, a remote Web-based management solution and fault management with HP's Event Monitoring System (EMS); Choice of processor growth paths with PA-RISC2 or IA-64, which makes the L-Class server the first entry-level IA-64-ready server that provides customers an investment-protection solution; The industry's first seamless in-box upgrade path from an L1000 to an L2000; Unmatched scalability without sacrificing CPU, memory or I/O system capability. "For service providers and mid-market companies balancing rapid e-commerce growth and evolving business needs with limited budgets, the L-Class' ease of scalability is a huge investment benefit and reduces risk," said Patrick Rogers, worldwide marketing manager for HP's Business Critical Computing Business Unit. "As customers purchase to meet their needs for today, they can upgrade without the complications traditionally associated with box swaps." Stress-free Focus on Running the BusinessCustomers looking to pilot and deploy e-services require affordable mission-critical capabilities and availability to minimize the risks associated with pilot-to-production projects. To minimize downtime and ensure the successful deployment of e-services, the L-Class brings HP's enterprise-level high-availability technology to entry-level computing with the following: A built-in single-system-wide high-availability architecture consisting of self-healing capabilities such as dynamic CPU and memory resilience, error containment with independent hot-pluggable I/O channels, and redundant hot-swappable power and disks; and A pre-integrated clustering solution with the HA Express bundle, which incorporates MC/ServiceGuard. Entry-level SolutionsThe business-critical architecture and performance of the L-Class enable customers to run non-stop, mission-critical applications. HP has collaborated with key partners to offer innovative Internet infrastructure, e-commerce and extended supply-chain solutions to provide customers with a competitive advantage as they develop their e-services computing models. The following solutions are slated for the initial L-Class offering: Internet WirelessIn furthering its e-services vision and strategy with the L-Class, HP is at the forefront of Wireless Internet Computing with its strategic alliance with Nokia. HP and Nokia will deliver a complete wireless Internet solution that allows WAP-compliant cellular phones and PDAs Internet access to information and applications running on L-Class servers (see today's release titled "HP and Nokia Partner to Develop and Promote Business-critical Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Solutions"). Internet InfrastructureIntegration of BEA's WebLogic application server makes it easier to connect, develop, deploy and manage legacy and database applications on the Web throughout the enterprise. A secure Web server combining HP Praesidium VirtualVault and Praesidium DomainGuard provides the highest level of site security for environments transacting confidential information. HP also offers a turnkey firewall solution with HP Secure Praesidium 9000. E-commercePre-integrated e-commerce solutions through a key alliance with BroadVision enable enterprises to deploy personalized, high-volume transaction e-commerce sites. Integration of HP's Commerce for the Millennium software provides an end-to-end e-commerce site-building and hosting solution ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses. Extended Supply ChainAn industry-first turnkey UNIX system solution enables suppliers to connect to the powerful Ariba Network eCommerce service and communicate directly with buyers and have instant access to customers. An SAP Ready-to-Run pre-configuration package streamlines the implementation and costs of SAP R/3 and reduces deployment time on the L-Class. Internet Startup SolutionsPartnering with Oracle's ".com" initiative provides emerging and growing Internet companies with a highly available, scalable infrastructure solution to address their rapidly changing infrastructure needs. An Oracle 8i Standard Edition database provides entry-level customers with a high-performance database at an affordable price point. Simple and Easy for IT DeploymentThe L-Class servers simplify the deployment, transition and management of Internet solutions with the fastest, error-free time-to-Web deployment and flexible financing options. HP EasySelect ( provides online L-Class configurations aimed at specific business needs, such as e-commerce and ERP, making it faster and easier for customers to architect their solutions. Additionally, HP's Global Integration and Installation Operation (GIIO) ensures fast and easy customization and error-free solutions deployment. Customers can also select from the industry's broadest portfolio of flexible financing options with customized, modular purchasing programs. U.S. Pricing and AvailabilityThe HP 9000 L1000 and L2000 server models are scheduled to be available in October. The L1000 starts at $15,975, and the L2000 starts at $21,725. Specific pricing information is available by contacting a local HP sales representative or an HP channel partner.

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