Decision Data Introduces Jazz/e

By Jim Martin

Making a foray into the controller marketplace, Decision Data (Austin, Texas), a division of NLynx Systems, has announced the introduction of Jazz/e, a controller for remote IP connection to an AS/400. By using MPTN/AnyNet across an Ethernet topology, Jazz/e is able to provide IP or SNA connectivity to as AS/400.

Some of the features include: easy IP connectivity—Jazz/e supports IP (Native AnyNet/IP) to AS/400 as well as traditional SNA connections; easy compatibility—5294, 5394, 5494 or AnyNet software is included with every Jazz/e, which connects 16 to 56 remote devices to an AS/400; easy expandability—can extend support by adding TN5250 server support and LPR/LPD print support.

“Jazz/e is the easiest, most capable, and most cost-effective IP controller available today,” says Dennis Bowler, product-marketing manager for Decision Data. “Today’s AS/400 users must support IP and SNA devices on IP networks, and Jazz/e is the simple alternative to more complicated, expensive controllers. It’s the premiere solution for integrating IP and SNA connectivity—and it sets the standard for ease of use.”

The Jazz/e controller is available with both SNA software (providing 5294, 5394 and 5494 emulation) and IP software (AnyNet/IP direct connection to an AS/400). Prices start at $2,795 and they are available from Decision Data and NLynx authorized reseller worldwide.

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