Intentia Brings Browser Access to Movex

By Jim Martin

Capitalizing on the growing popularity of Web-to-host solutions, Intentia (Schaumburg, Ill.) has announced the introduction of Movex Web Explorer. The Web explorer—set for release sometime in the fourth quarter—allows users of Movex, Intentia’s ERP solution, to access business process applications remotely using any basic Web browser.

“With the way everything is moving towards the Web, this is in conjunction with our shift in technology,” says Lance LaCross, product director for Americas at Intentia.

Leveraging Citrix System’s Inc.’s server-based computing architecture, Movex Web explorer enables applications to be instantly available to users via the Internet, intranets or extranets.

Movex Web explorer will act as a graphical user interface (GUI), enabling users to get real-time access to information—such as the ability to check the status of an order—that was not available before. “Movex Web explorer gets faster information out to the end-user,” says LaCross, noting that it will be particularly useful for workers who are traveling and need to access information that resides on an AS/400.

Designed to meet specific functionality requirements in manufacturing and distribution companies, Movex includes more than one thousand business components. The most current version is Movex 11, which is written in Java.

Although the Movex Web explorer is designed to meet existing customer demands, LaCross expects it to open up other markets. “We’re looking to attract new customers. This moves us into another opportunity for increased market share.”

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