SSA Extends Portfolio with Addition of New Global Trade Partner

By Ken Deats

Extending its portfolio of solutions to the global industrial sector, System Software Associates (SSA) and Global Trade Partner (GTP) have announced the addition of BPCS-GTA Connect to SSA’s portfolio. BPCS-GTA Connect is an international trade administration system that enables corporate data to be sorted and formatted into information for international and domestic trade documents.

SSA and GTP have worked together since 1996 to provide Global Trade Administration systems through joint marketing, sales and license agreements. BPCS-GTA Connect is a new version of the original GTA system that provides export documentation solutions and uses the OutBound Logistics Module supplied with SSA’s BPCS v6.0.02. It’s a PC-based system with a number of application modules that can assist export departments in maintaining work flows consistent with the changing needs of main business system administration.

“We’ve used GTP’s products and services for many years. They have recently supplied an export system to integrate our new BPCS system. The interface from BPCS to GTA is smooth and the GTA system is easy to use,” says Richard Fulford, system analyst, programmer, Yorkshire Chemicals, plc. “GTP continues to provide excellent support and respond well to any problems that arise and have also developed some very positive ideas for the way ahead.”

To date, GTP has over 180 BPCS-GTA users in eight client sites and two in mainland Europe. BPCS-GTA Connect is now available in BPCS v6.0.04 and eBPCS.

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