SRC Patents Source Code Recovery

The Source Recovery Company, LLC (SRC) has received a patent for technology used in RESource, SRC’s software product, which has successfully recovered more than 1,000,000 lines of missing source code. RESource has proven so effective, according to President Barry Clapp, that none of SRC’s clients have taken advantage of the company’s guarantee, which promises that recovered code will be 100% functionally equivalent to the original code.

"We’re elated to receive a patent," Clapp said, "not only because it protects the company’s technology, but because it validates the uniqueness of RESource. This is the only technology that can recover missing source code in the IBM environment."

The problem of recovering missing source code is so difficult to address, one analyst compared it to "turning a sausage back into a pig." Having turned the sausage back into a pig, Clapp said SRC has turned its attention to using its foundation of research and experience to tackle other complex industry needs, such as application integration, and systems monitoring and diagnosis.

During the past several years, SRC has used RESource to recover source code for more than 120 Fortune 1000 companies. Clapp sees a growing need for RESource as IT organizations begin to focus more closely on maintenance of their software portfolios, which will create an ongoing need for RESource. The GartnerGroup estimates that the typical company is missing 3% to 5% of its source code. For further information, visit SRC’s Web site at

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