ADVANCED Business Link Adds XML Support to Strategi

By Jim Martin

Adapting to a growing trend in the market, ADVANCED Business Link, an e-business solution provider for the AS/400 market, has added native XML support in its Strategi middleware, an array of solutions that enables development of the highest performing, Web-based HTML applications.

Instead of having to rewrite applications in a 4GL or Java to get the benefits XML offers, Strategi now will instantly allow any AS/400 data file to be sent over the Web as XML to suppliers, distributors or customers.

XML’s popularity has taken off in the last couple of months, with ADVANCED Business Link pointing to a June 1999 report by the Gartner Group that said, “XML Will Ultimately Pay for Itself in Application Integration.” In the report, Gartner analysts added, “By the year-end 2000, 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies will be using XML in at least one prototype application integration project and 25 percent will be using XML in a production application integration project (0.7 profitability).”

With Strategi, XML data can originate from existing legacy application logic, AS/400 database files, or newly developed applications in Java, RPG, etc. Security is guaranteed with 128-bit SSL and recipient identity verified using digital client certificates.

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