From EIS To Enterprise Information Portal

HP announced they have teamed with Viador Inc. to deliver the industry’s first online Enterprise Information Center for Enterprise Information Portals or EIPs. HP and Viador plan to offer joint implementation services that allow customers to overcome time and cost barriers for building their enterprise portal and keeping it online, with complete deployment in just six weeks. The new online service will unlock customer and supplier information and give corporate users, as well as business partners, secure access to information from a single point of access.

To ensure the highest availability, scalability and security to businesses deploying the EIP solution, the Viador E-Portal Suite will operate on HP-UX on HP9000 Enterprise Servers. The prototyping service offered through Viador is available at a starting price of $10,000. The full six-week implementation is priced per customer. Both services are available immediately.

Viador’s E-Portal Suite™, is an integrated, comprehensive enterprise portal offering that enables users to search, analyze and distribute business information via the Web. Embedded within E-Portal Suite is Infoseek’s Ultraseek Server enterprise search application, giving E-Portal Suite the ability to search across both databases and documents, allowing enterprise users to access and analyze all the information they need to work smartly. HP will offer E-services Discovery Workshops to guide companies through a business assessment to determine how their information assets can generate new revenue streams.

In addition to its tradtional Global 2000 customers, HP will also target dot-com companies. "And we are also targeting bricks-and-mortars that want to become click-and-mortars," says John Santaferraro, Business Intelligence marketing manager for HP. “In the next year or two, [EIPs] will emerge as an extremely popular and powerful way for companies to disseminate information and services to both employees and external customers and business partners,” says Dwight Davis of Summit Strategies (Boston, Mass.). “Given that Viador is one of the more-respected pioneers in the EIP market, we think it's a good strategic move on HP's part to have formed the partnership with Viador. We also expect the hosted application/services model to really take off during the coming year or two, and we see hosted EIP services of the sort HP and Viador are proposing as being a natural marriage of the portal and services hosting trends.”

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