iE Extends to AS/400 Market

By Jim Martin

Extending its Web-to-host gateway to AS/400 applications, iE (Burlington, Mass.) has announced a new version of iE ScreenSurfer, a solution for converting host screens into dynamic Web pages.

iE now includes support for Microsoft’s Active Server Page technology, enabling ASP developers to tap into IBM mainframes and AS/400s and access 5250 terminal sessions, opening up the AS/400 community to interactive Web developers.

“Over the last year we have seen a significant increase in the number of organizations looking to replace PC-based terminal emulators with a browser solution,” says Bill Thorne, VP of products at iE. “Web developers have been selecting ScreenSurfer because it’s HTML-centric and provides them both full integration with their existing Web browser infrastructure as well as the ability to easily upgrade the user interface when appropriate. Meanwhile, iE ScreenSurfer continues to provide the fastest and most cost-effective tool for integrating screen-based applications with ASP and ColdFusion.”

A general purpose Web gateway for screen-based host applications, iE ScreenSurfer allows Web developers to easily provide access to their 3270 and 5250-based screens and information from any standard Web browser. ScreenSurfer’s “hifi” emulation features make it an easy-to-adopt and economic solution to replace terminal emulators.

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