I$C Opens U.S. Office

International Software Company (I$C) is opening its first U.S. office in suburban Milwaukee. Founded in 1986, I$C is a privately held company located in Brussels, Belgium, providing automation solutions for IBM OS/390 and MVS operating systems that can be run from PC workstations.

I$C develops and markets the E-GEN Suite of software solutions, aimed at providing enterprisewide Information System documentation and application stream generation. Based on a new repository technology, E-GEN tools help leverage the sizable investment of a company’s information system. This is especially important in the current era of understaffed data centers.

E-GEN becomes the repository of the combined knowledge of all systems and operations staff involved in documentation and application launch. Working with the data center’s Norms and Standards and Quality Assurance programs, E-GEN provides a structure that remains intact through personnel changes, thereby offering continuity that is critical in providing 24x7 operation of the IS Department.

Current users of E-GEN tools include banking, financial, manufacturing, distribution, insurance and government data centers, typically the most sophisticated computing centers in the world. With an annual growth rate of 20 percent, I$C is rapidly expanding to keep pace with the demand for their software tools.

I$C supports and services its customers through an international network of offices and distributors. Full support centers are located in Brookfield, Wis., Brussels, Belgium, and Paris, France. Distributors are located in Germany, Italy and Argentina.

Jerry Seefeldt, Sales Manager of International Software Company Inc., will be responsible for U.S. sales and service. Seefeldt formerly was publisher of Technical Support magazine, a trade journal published for members of NaSPA, the Network and Systems Professionals Association. Seefeldt will report to Jean-Claude Kortleven, Executive Vice President.

For more information on I$C, International Software Company Inc., or the E-GEN Suite of products, contact Jerry Seefeldt at (262) 821-8663, or visit the I$C Web site at www.iscsoftware.com.

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