Hummingbird Unveils Enhanced Connectivity Suite

Hummingbird Communications has announced the availability of version 6.2 of Exceed, Exceed XDK, Exceed 3D, HostExplorer, NFS Maestro Client, NFS Maestro Server, NFS Maestro Solo and NFS Maestro Gateway. With this version, all Hummingbird Windows-based, traditional connectivity products now include euro support and the new Hummingbird Update feature. The latest version is also Y2K compliant.

Update is a new utility included in all Hummingbird Windows-based products that provides administrators with the ability to ensure their end users always have the latest update of their installed Hummingbird product. IT administrators may hide or reveal the advanced management functionality delivered with Hummingbird Update, giving them the ability to either conduct an enterprisewide update across an intranet or the Internet all at once or allow each individual user to perform updates when required.

“Connectivity continues to be Hummingbird’s mainstay,” says Hummingbird chairman and CEO, Fred Sorkin. “As we move into the future with newly enhanced and performance leading products the continually evolving connectivity products remain powerful as industry leading solutions. Going forward, we are using the years of knowledge and experience gained with the development of our enterprise deployment and management technologies implemented in our connectivity products to help Hummingbird fulfill its new vision of offering a true Enterprise Information Portal.”

Other enhancements in version 6.2 include: expanded access to Linux servers with Exceed; a macro converter in HostExplorer for Wall Data and Attachmate scripts; support for Microsoft Distributed File Systems (DFS) in NFS Maestro Server, Maestro Client, Maestro Solo and Maestro Gateway.

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