Aldon Adds TCP/IP Support to Flex/EDIT

By Jim Martin

Aldon Computer Group (Oakland, Calif.) is bringing TCP/IP support to its Window’s based code editor, with the release of Flex/EDIT 3.1, which will provide programmers with greater flexibility to code from the office, at home or on the road.

A Windows-based replacement of SEU, Flex/EDIT supports the coding of RPG (III or IV), DDS, COBOL, Java and various PC languages. In addition to allowing editing of PC files, Flex/EDIT lets users open and save AS/400 source members directly from within the application.

The user can choose between connecting via SNA, or, with the general release of version 3.1, connect via TCP/IP. Once downloaded, the user can edit the files directly on their PC without any connectivity to the AS/400.

"The portability of Flex/EDIT has always been very important to our users. And there has been a clear shift away from SNA to the use of TCP/IP as the communication protocol of choice for the AS/400," says Matthew Scholl, Marketing Director and Product Manager for Aldon. "The TCP/IP support is in response to this shift and also answers the demands of an ever more distributed workforce."

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