StreamServe 2.3 Gives Cellular Phone Users Access to AS/400

By Jim Martin

Expanding its business application distribution capabilities, StreamServe has announced StreamServe 2.3, which allows AS/400 users to receive information from an ERP system via cell phones and pagers.

Using StreamServe 2.3, users will now be able to route business critical information from an enterprise applications server to a customer, business partner or employee’s cellular phone to pager through the Short Message Service Protocol. The information that the recipient receives is formatted and customized, ensuring that they only get the data they want to see.

In addition to the SMS functionality, StreamServe 2.3 also has several other features, including XMLOUT, which supports Microsoft’s BizTalk to enable businesses to choose the XML-based format they want to use when sending information to its business partners.

“We’ve always been about providing our customers with solutions on how to leverage their investment in business applications,” says Christer Berg, president of StreamServe North America. “With StreamServe 2.2, we gave them a way to format output so that it’s readable, easy to understand and personalized, in a number of formats across a wide range of channels. StreamServe 2.3 is taking that one step further by offering pervasive communications as another output channel so companies and their customers always have access to the information they need to do business.”

The system is also set up so that employees of the company can call into the StreamServe software to get information stored on the Web routed directly to them.

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