Aptis Targets ICP’s With New Product

Jim Martin

Looking to give integrated communication providers (ICP’s) a more efficient option for managing billing and customer care, Aptis Inc. (San Antonio) has announced an addition to its product line, Aptis ICP.

A Web-enabled, platform dependent and remotely accessible software solution, Aptis ICP is a fully integrated, comprehensive billing and customer care solution designed to meet the needs of ICP’s. Aptis ICP runs on a variety of platforms, including the AS/400.

“With the introduction of Aptis ICP, we are uniquely positioned to offer emerging communication, network and application service providers the experience, technology and vision to maximize their revenue potential,” says Parris H. Holmes Jr., chairman and CEO of Aptis Inc. “Aptis ICP offers customers an unprecedented amount of technology innovation and cross-industry experience from a single source. Communications companies today need to be able to turn on a dime to offer the next big service, the most competitive rate plan or even to enter a whole new market. Aptis ICP is designed to enable our customers to do exactly that.”

Aptis ICP is equipped with a common application that provides key functionality in all communications industry segments and provides tools for order fulfillment, service assurance and billing and rating. The common application also provides the framework for optional software functionality to be added quickly and affordably.

Additionally, Aptis ICP also offers components that deliver enhanced capabilities for every segment of the communications industry, such as the Internet.

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