WinJa Becomes Java Certified

Jim Martin

SEAGULL (Atlanta) has announced that its WinJa technology, a development and deployment software solution for e-business enabling mainframe applications, has been certified 100 percent Pure Java by Sun Microsystems.

The 100 percent Pure Java logs signifies that any Java client built using WinJa 2.2 is portable across all Java compatible systems. “The certification confirms that SEAGULL provides technically sound and fully deployable Java technology-based solutions to the mainframe marketplace,” says Andre den Haan, SEAGULL director of product strategy. “It is yet another assurance to our customers and the marketplace that we provide high quality, open and flexible solutions for rapid development and deployment.”

According to SEAGULL, the 100 percent Pure Java designation is important because it: unites operating systems with a common development platform; accelerates speed-to-market; streamlines software development and deployment; ensures safe network delivery; and reduces product development cycles.

WinJa supports Windows clients deployed in both fat and thin configurations through Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Server environment. The 100 percent Pure Java client, the WinJa browser and the Windows client can be deployed in any mix from the same development effort.

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