Harbinger Adds Internet-based Distribution to Speed Sales Cycle

By Jim Martin

Harnessing the power of the Web to speed the delivery and implementation of its e-commerce software products, Harbinger Corp. (Atlanta)--a worldwide supplier of e-commerce software, services and solutions, some of which run on the AS/400--has announced a new Internet-based distribution and implementation program.

The program, Harbinger Direct, will enable customers to access new software, maintenance updates, electronic trading forms and customer support directly from the company’s e-commerce portal, harbinger.net.

“These new capabilities will allow us to increase by an order of magnitude our ability to build and manage business-to-business e-commerce trading communities,” says Dave Bursiek, executive VP for Harbinger’s Customer Solutions and Enhancement Division. “We can offer better service at a lower cost. Harbinger is already the easiest and most convenient company to do business with in e-commerce and these capabilities will increase our lead, making it easier for customers to continually transact electronic business with their suppliers, partners and customers. Harbinger Direct is the latest and most important example to date of Harbinger’s progress in operational excellence.”

Through Harbinger Direct, customers will be able to electronically order and receive their software and also instantly download e-commerce forms that support the trading requirements of thousands of companies. The service also provides automatic set-up and maintenance of e-commerce trading accounts on harbinger.net, viewing and printing of XML-enabled documents, online delivery of electronic software updates, and connections to a 24x7 self-serve customer support center.

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