Java Is E-Business Programming Language of Choice

According to a new comprehensive study on e-business conducted by Cutter Consortium, Java is the e-business programming language of choice, used by 51% of respondents.

Cutter Consortium’s Senior Consultant, Chris Pickering says, "Java has surpassed C++, which 37% of respondents are using. Java has entered the computing mainstream, so there should be no more fears about its longevity. Java users are using the language on 2% of their development projects on average, and their average success rate is 68%, which translates to moderately successful."

Pickering continues, "XML, however is still being tested. With 21% of respondents using XML, it has not penetrated the computing mainstream. Those who are using XML are using it seriously: they are using it on 27% of their projects on average, and their success rate is 57% — which is low."

Pickering concludes, "Beyond the protocol standards (TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, etc.), e-business is not dependent on formal standards — it doesn’t have time to wait. De facto standards (such as HTML and Java) are important, but they are defined by market forces, so they evolve at e-business speed."

The Cutter Consortium e-business study was conducted during the fall of 1999. One hundred and thirty-four companies took part. For more information on the report, e-Business: Trends, Strategies, and Technologies, including additional study results, go to consortium/freestuff/trendsreport.html.

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