NeoCore Awarded Fundamental Patent

NeoCore, LLC has been awarded U.S. Patent #5,942,002 titled "Method and Apparatus for Generating a Transform" by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is NeoCore's second patent to be issued in a series of patents applied for that cover its breakthrough Digital Pattern Processing (DPP) technology. NeoCore is initially deploying its patented technology in the network and communications market sector.

NeoCore's new patent describes the use of a transform to generate icons, which are a fundamental element of DPP technology. Digital Pattern Processing is a new capability that enables extremely efficient pattern matching and manipulation using NeoCore's proprietary pattern-based associative processing technology. Traditional processors and algorithms are bogged down by nonsequential operations, making them impractical for applications such as complex packet processing at gigabit network line speeds. In contrast, DPP performs filtering, pattern matching and other nonsequential operations hundreds to thousands of times faster than other methods.

"In terms of the market impact, DPP is a direct analogy to digital signal processing, or DSP. The invention of the Fast Fourier Transform and the broad-scale deployment of DSP have come to touch almost every aspect of the world since the 1960s. Similarly, Digital Pattern Processing will enable an entirely new generation of fundamental performance breakthroughs starting next year, continuing through the next decade," states Chris Brandin, NeoCore's Chief Technical Officer and co-chairman.

NeoCore is making its technology available through the PacketEyes family of products, targeted specifically for the development of high-performance, content-aware security applications ranging from firewalls to content scanners. The PacketEyes products include a Software Development Kit (SDK) that was introduced in September of this year. Board- and chip-level PacketEyes solutions are in development.

Enabled with a content-aware DPP engine, PacketEyes products vastly accelerate networks that use policy management, LDAP, quality of service (QoS), Intrusion Detection, MPLS DiffServ, Certification/Authorization and other standards. In many cases, PacketEyes makes it possible to operate at full line speeds of 100 mbps and more with NeoCore-Enabled software, and beyond gigabit speeds using dedicated hardware. DPP can manage an almost unlimited number of "objects" with virtually no performance degradation.

A number of industry leaders in the networking equipment market are currently reviewing NeoCore's Packet Processing Engine and PacketEyes software development kits under the company's Red Carpet Program. The Red Carpet Program allows early adopters of NeoCore's new Packet Processing Engine (PPE) and PacketEyes software development kits to deploy the technology much sooner than other companies-providing a time-to-market advantage over companies who will begin development only after the technology is generally available.

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