MKS Adds to its Integrity Framework Capabilities

By Jim Martin

Continuing its e-business push, Mortice Kern Systems Inc. (MKS, Waterloo, Ontario) announced that it is bringing significant enhancements to its MKS Integrity Framework with the addition of new Java technology. A relatively new concept, the MKS Integrity Framework is being developed with the purpose of enabling companies to adjust to various changes as they move into the e-commerce spectrum.

The new framework is actually an architecture where various MKS products and services, regardless of whether they run on an AS/400 or OS/390, will be able to integrate. MKS will be developing new products with the MKS Integrity Framework embedded and will also be re-formatting some of its legacy applications to include the new architecture for integration.

According to Dave Martin, MKS group product manager, MKS purchased the Java technology from a company called Andelain (Ottawa). “It gives us the ability to unify user platforms across an enterprise,” he says. “With this new technology, there will be exactly the same user interface for all platforms.”

MKS will be releasing new products with the MKS Integrity Framework architecture in 2000, with the first product release scheduled for February.

“Web failures can be catastrophic. Web site downtime, software glitches, and content errors all can have severe negative consequences for a company’s legal, financial and corporate reputation,” says Bill Skowera, VP of technology at MKS. “MKS is dramatically reducing this risk by providing an essential infrastructure to handle the volume, velocity and variety of change to mission critical corporate Web sites. The new capabilities in MKS Integrity Framework greatly enhance our ability to deliver this value to customers.”

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