Infoseek Software Joins HP Partners

Infoseek Software, a division of, has joined Hewlett-Packard Company’s e-intelligence partner program. Infoseek Software and HP will collaborate to deliver comprehensive, near real-time intelligence, or "e-intelligence," solutions to the enterprise to allow the rapid exchange of information from a variety of sources.

In addition, Ultraseek Server, Infoseek’s enterprise portal and Internet search solution, is now shipping on the HP-UX platform; available as a standalone enterprise search solution, and as an embedded application within Viador Inc.’s E-Portal Suite. With Ultraseek’s ability to index and search unstructured data, E-Portal Suite can access relational and multidimensional databases, business intelligence reports, news and event data, and several document formats.

The e-intelligence partner program extends HP’s vision of intelligent, modular "e-services" on the Internet. E-services collaborate automatically and in real-time, and can be accessed and triggered by many devices including cell phones, set-top boxes and PCs. They are self-contained, modular, mix-and-match applications that also act as resources for other applications.

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