SEAGULL Supports Wireless-to-Host Solution

Joanna Doyle

SEAGULL (Atlanta), a provider of server software and thin-client “viewer” technology for AS/400 and mainframe systems, has released a product which extends the use of wireless technology to not only link individuals with personal information, but also to link employees with host-system applications from remote locations.

SEAGULL announced this week they will offer support for connecting Web-enabled wireless devices to business applications. The devices connect to the Internet using Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). SEAGULL developed this technology based on the belief that a growing number of companies will need off-site company employees or representatives to access core business applications located on the server, just as users now access stock portfolios and catch up on news from the Internet through mobile phones or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

“Wireless is the next big wave in providing information and services to users via the Internet, and market demand is expected to be bigger and faster than anything we’ve seen before,” says Jos Dikhoff, VP of sales and marketing for SEAGULL’s Europe and Asia Pacific operations. “And as market penetration of WAP devices and their services grows, the demand to provide access to host application functions and information will be tremendous. SEAGULL offers a complete solution that can be quickly implemented.”

SEAGULL provides wireless-to-host connectivity for AS/400 through its Java Host Session Connector and J Walk product line. SEAGULL’s host-to wireless solution allows businesses to quickly make host-based information and processes accessible via Web-ready wireless devices.

“It’s really important to note that this solution is non-invasive, requiring no changes to the host application,” said Andre den Haan, VP of product strategy for SEAGULL. “This yields major speed-to-market and reliability benefits.”

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