Sterling’s E-Business Centre Changes Face of E-Business Communication

Jim Martin

In a move to improve the e-business communication capabilities of its customers and business partners, Sterling Commerce has introduced E-Business Center, a comprehensive, integrated e-business portal which will enable Sterling’s customers and business partners to interact via an e-business Web marketplace.

The portal will open up a wide range of options, allowing companies to connect, integrate, exchange information and streamline relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors globally.

By Web-enabling business processes like selling, supply, logistics and payments, E-Business Centre provides secure, reliable transaction processing and tracking with real-time integration to back-end systems.

“E-Business Centre will be a benchmark for companies to transform business processes and reinvent relationships with their E-communities,” says J. Brad Sharp, president and CEO of Sterling Commerce. “Our strength is understanding the business challenges faced by global companies, all of which are moving at light speed into all aspects of e-business. We’re the catalyst that enables them to realize a strong return on their e-business investment, expand their e-communities and reach untapped markets.”

Some components of the portal are available now, with plans to introduce other components in upcoming quarters. The E-Business Centre includes a full spectrum of service options, ranging from a monthly fee-based offering for small companies to full, integrated solutions for large enterprises.

The specialized portals include: E-Business Centre for Enterprise—a spectrum of services to meet the needs of key players across the enterprise; E-Business Centre for Industry Communities—provides industry-specific information for business planning and collaboration, including catalogs, market statistics and links to industry associations and other Web sites; and E-Business Centre for Global Communities— through ventures with two major e-business providers, this specialized portal will serve as an enter-enterprise global business exchange.

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