Reasoning Launches InstantQA Service

Reasoning Inc.’s InstantQA Service, first demonstrated at the GartnerGroup ITxpo, can scale to inspect any size application or set of enterprise applications to locate software defects that may be missed by even the most exhaustive testing and other traditional QA techniques, allowing companies to reduce the duration and number of test cycles.

Reasoning’s InstantQA Service combines automated software inspection technology with IV&V techniques performed by software quality consultants and engineers in secure Software QA Centers. Clients send source code to Reasoning’s QA Centers via the Internet to facilitate rapid inspections and reporting of software defects found. Unlike traditional testing, this process provides 100 percent coverage of the source code, documents all defects found and can document other quality issues to speed the identification and repair of faults. InstantQA can be employed before, during or after traditional testing to improve the effectiveness of test cycles, and to inspect internal or third party code. Compared to in-house inspection or product-based offerings, the InstantQA Service typically delivers results in under a quarter of the time -- and does not require large capital outlays for tools, training or personnel.

InstantQA currently supports applications written in C, C++ and COBOL. Support for the Java and Visual Basic programming languages will be added in the first quarter of 2000. In addition, InstantQA now includes a unique Defect-Tracking Database Analysis capability, which helps focus quality improvement efforts. For more information, visit Reasoning’s Web site at

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