Bluestone Welcomes ISV Partners

Reaffirming the emergence of Application Server technology as the heart of next-generation software solutions, a dozen new independent software vendors (ISVs) have joined Code Blue, a developers program at Bluestone Software Inc. Code Blue gives Java, Web and XML application developers no-initial-cost access to Bluestone's Application Server frameworks for building e-business and data integration applications. The new Code Blue members include Alphonso Informex Pvt Ltd; BAPA Inc.; Brickhouse Data Systems Inc.; Cadnetics Inc.; ClearLogic Inc.; Creative Sun Inc.; Database Consulting Group Inc.; Eden Technology; I.C.E. Wireless; Kanrad Technology; Nichols; and Orchid Systems Inc.

The Code Blue program encompasses Sapphire/Web, the platform-independent, 100% Pure Java Application Server framework for enterprise-class e-business; and Bluestone XML Suite, the company's revolutionary Integration Server and toolkit that provides a fundamental platform for building, distributing and deploying XML applications. Leveraging these technologies, the ISVs can build e-business solutions characterized by such hallmark Bluestone properties as extreme scalability and performance, Customer Facing Fault Tolerance, Internet Quality of Service (IQS), Hot Versioning and open standards compliance, including Sun's Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

"Our new partners are building the fundamentals of their businesses on Bluestone software, because they share a passion for delivering premier e-business solutions to their customers, and the fundamental foundation of premier solutions is Application Server technology," saYS John H. Capobianco, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for Bluestone. "Bluestone designed Code Blue for ISVs that otherwise couldn't afford the technology underpinning that we offer. By empowering these ISVs to build robust, high-performance solutions, we help them succeed and usher in a new era of software built on Bluestone."

Developers can register for Bluestone's Code Blue developers program online at

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